Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Release of Guitar Hero..highlignt of my life!

I have just been informed that TOmorrow is the release of Guitar Hero World Tour Edition and not Monday. That just totally messes up all plans of trying to sleep in with a 5 yr old's feet in your face on a Sunday morning. I guess (according to the 13 yr old) Toys R Us opens at 9am which means I have to show up at 8am to get the damn game. It's kind of embarassing don't you think? A grown woman crawls out of bed to pay $200 for a video game...I guess the embarrassing thing is that I am actually EXCITED! Yes, my life has resorted to this humiliation and I am even posting it for the entire world to see.
Last night I was supposed to have a girls night with a friend until she decided to dump me for the kids...yes, I was invited to attend the opening night of High School Musical 3 instead. Thank you friend, for the rememberance of High School and what a great time that was for me. Later in the evening my BFF and I relived the memories from our High School years and talked about the break-ups of 1990 & 1991 respectively. Unfortunately, the guys didn't look anything like Troy Bolton and I was absolutely nothing like Gabriella. I was more like the chubby cheerleader that no one wanted to date! (laugh..this is supposed to be funny!) So my review of HSM3 was a total flop. The reviews outside the theater from girls 3-13 was "OMG! I thought they were going to break up! Great movie!" To all those Mom's out there who have kids who don't like HSM3, consider yourself L-U-C-K-Y! Yes, Disney took my $ for the tickets and said "SEE YA!"
Today is good, the first round of sleepovers is leaving and C is coming home soon from his. J is requesting a sleepover and I have called the Mom (wink..wink.) but there has been no return phone call. Why is it that she wants to play with all the girls on the weekend, at the last minute, that I have no idea who the parent's are? I'm so sure, like I am supposed to call up and request their kid- who has no idea who I am and probably doesn't even really know J- to sleep at our house and expecet them to say YES! I really hope J's kids do this to her some day...better yet, I hope she has triplettes that do that to her at the same time! That'll teach her
Reading the 6th book for my class (btw..what kind of idiot decides to go back to college at age 35?) and I feel like a kid again, frustrated with the prof for not understanding what it's like to be a student. Truly, who in their right mind makes people read 11 books in 16 weeks? Expansion of the mind is painful my friends, very painful.

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