Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rockin' In The Free WoRLD!!!!!!!

Are we? Will we be rockin' in the free world with a new Prez, or will it be doom and gloom? I don't know about anyone else, but I am ready for a change. I guess I will take this opportunity to spew my political commentary...(hehehe..) disclaimer: this is only my opinion and thought, not meant to offend....If you feel the elephant in the room...please feel free to leave quietly..no one will tell!
We all know the subjects between friends that shouldn't be discussed at length, are politics and religion. The problem is, that if you disagree it is kind of like being dumped for the first time...that awkward silence that permeates the air, only to be followed by the sting of rejection. That's kind of how I feel about it, I guess I know who I can talk politics with- those who share my views- and those I can't- those who are appalled by my views.
The election is a political game that I still don't fully understand. Why was Michigan pretty much excluded from the primaries? Why do the parties pretty much choose the candidates? Being the Mom of a special needs child I found it offensive when the Rep party decided to choose Sarah Palin as the VP candidate. I think people just took it for granted that I would vote for McCain because of this. WHY? Why would I vote for someone just because their VP has a special needs child? What has she done for the special needs community thus far? What will she continue to do? In the beginning, I was on McCain's side...(Yes, hard to believe) I liked his grandfatherly, Republican qualities. I liked the fact he is a war vet and knows what it's like to serve his country, I like the fact that he is divorced and cheated on his wife- it gave him a human touch, I also liked the fact that he wasn't afraid to reach across party lines to make votes that sometimes made him unpopular... I liked McCain! Hence- the word liked! However, I do not like his party's antics of choosing a woman to sway the vote away from Hilary Clinton. Did they just assume that we would vote for McCain because he chose a woman VP...not to mention, she has a special needs child?! OMG! If this is what is running the Republican campaign then forget it friends! Why would I vote for someone who either makes stupid choices for running mates, or lets his political party make choices for him?
Barrack Obama is young, educated, has led a very real life. He wants change in healthcare (which I support) he also plans to help the economy first thing! He has a young family and knows what it is like to be a parent in today's day and age. He is from inner-city Chicago and knows what it's like to struggle. He wasn't born to privilege and such. He is a good, honest man who wants what is best for his country- hands down. Maybe Obama is pro-choice- so what? If I was letting such an issue be the driving force behind how I voted then I would be a fool. At this time in life, I think we need someone who is going to bring about a change, and other issues like feeding my children come first. Today, I don't have time to sit around and worry about the social issues that affect the people in my country- I don't think Ed McMahon will be showing up at my door anytime soon with a hefty check- so I am led down this path. Some may call me a DEMON-crat, that is ok. I am actually getting used to it and will wear it with pride today!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Fun is Over

Halloweener is over...a fun night had by all but I couldn't help wonder if we are truly in a recession? (DUH?) Not that I am complaining, God knows my hind end could use less treats- but the trick or treating candy was sparse this year. After we got home and drooled over the candy, I realized we didn't really make out like bandits this year. I was quickly informed by a very informed staunch Obama supporter- "We are in a recession you know?!" Man! I didn't think the candy would experience the trickle down effect so quickly! So- I say to the dentist, sorry for you buddy, you're hit too!
Sorry to disappoint, no new intelligent or witty posts this week, just the usual life stuff. H had the best time trick or treating for the first time in 5 years, we actually did the entire neighborhood! He didn't try to go into anyone's house and check out their things. He didn't cry or wander off from the crowd...life is good! Other than biting the principal this week...he did alrighty!