Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who is this kid anyway?

My question is, where do we come up with our vision of the future and what teaches us about social change?  What is the antagonist behind our young people that teaches them about the world.  Is it interest?  Upbringing?  Is this something that is taught to our kids through our own curiosity as adults and they learn?  Interesting to me.

My daughter just loves concerts.  As a kid I only went to 1 concert and it was loud, rowdy and drug filled.  I guess it was Def Leppard (is that how you spell it?) but I couldn't tell you anything about them because they were as big as a penny, and we were in the nosebleed seats.  I spent my $20 and came home with a t-shirt.  I didn't care.  Long haired rock stars wern't sexy to me, they were scary!

Last summer we went to a concert together.  It was completely out of my comfort zone- I mean REALLY.  It was a band called Boys Like Girls.  I used to make fun of their name. I stood in the crowd horrified as the lead singer was horn doggin' the young girls.  He made sure to take the opportunity to yell 'FUCK' as often as he could (shame on you Martin Johnson, although today I think he's tried to clean it up a bit).

There were about 4 bands that night- some good, some were ok.  Some talented kids- just trying to have a good time in a sea of screaming teenage girls.  Why not I guess?

I think it was almost the last act and a band called Never Shout Never played.  This kid was amazing- he had a harmonica, mandolin, guitar, tambourine- the whole sha-bang.  He is a one man band- he is Never Shout Never.  Totally cool! Adorable little guy they call Christofer Drew.  No shoes, skinny jeans with holes in the knees, too many tattoos, those awful ear-plug things...punk rock hair but nonetheless- he was adorable. 

Adorable because of his musical talent and the music he sang was pretty cool.  His inspirational music stories about social change are something that should be written by someone my age! (not completely old, just moderately old- aged like fine wine- with experience)  

Where does this kid come from and do his parents realize what a brilliant mind he has?
The kids tell me he was a tennis prodigy at one time.  The teenager really wants to get him on the court and see if the rumors are true.  He has an amazing ability to inspire people through his music because Christofer's music is all about change- the words he sings are the things I think about every day as I sit in my classes and go to work.

Where does this come from? As a therapist and Mom, I'm dying to know!  His story is interesting to me, his music is personal and motivating.

The kids love this kid- he has a kind of hippy following of mostly young girls.  The teenage daughter has mostly moved on to other music/bands and left me behind.  I've seen interviews and performances by Christofer that have left me saddened to think he's going down the wrong path, but as he's just a young kid, I think he is somewhat entitled.  We are all destructive until we find out who we really are I guess- I just hope he hears his own inspiration.  From what I gather from twitter- Christofer is a pretty wise kid- he tweets about things like being a vegan, Tao Te Ching, peace, love, and everyone should get along... 

Yes Chris- we all want change and we should all get along.

So as I stood alone in a sea of hippy teenagers at Warped tour (did I really do that?), I enjoyed the best performance ever.  I know the teenage daughter thinks I'm a 'creeper' but one of these days I will have my picture taken with my boy Christofer Drew and put it in my office.  A souvenier of my journey to many rock concerts and a little something for myself I guess.

Us Mom's have to find the positive in every day.  If you can't beat em', might as well join em' .  Do you know what your teenager is up to?  I'm the Mom standing in the back- analyzing- diagnosing- trying to find the good.